– The family planning campaigns were continued in 2023
– A total of 12 communities were reached
– Acceptance of family planning is high: in 2023, too, many women sought contraceptive advice and treatment at the health centres
– Communities repeatedly approach ECLAT and ask for family planning campaigns in their area too


– Among the Maasai, the upbringing and feeding of children is entirely the responsibility of the women
– It is not uncommon for women to have 8, 10 or more children and have difficulty providing for them adequately
– The women ask for family planning options, but usually the men do not agree
– ECLAT has therefore launched a campaign to encourage men to accept family planning
– In addition to spoken words, a choir sings rousing songs about the necessity of family planning for the Maasai if they do not want to suffer hunger in the long term and if they want to offer their children the chance of a better life
– Many, especially men, take part in the events in the villages
– As a result, several thousand women have sought contraceptive advice and treatment at the health stations

Family planning campaign for men

1. January 2023




Family Planning