upendo – registered charity for the support of development projects in Africa


Upendo means love. This is Kiswahili, and in association with this word, we have named our organization. upendo promotes development projects on the local level in Africa, particularly in Tanzania, through local people who want to help their countrymen out of poverty and backwardness.

The project managers are familiar with the culture of their fellows, so that they can achieve fundamental changes that are accepted by the population. In his more than 20 years of project work in Tanzania, Dr. Fred Heimbach has repeatedly visited development projects and has build up a large network of local leaders from development projects and the country’s politics.


upendo supports ideational and financial the projects of ECLAT foundation in Tansania.


About us

Dr. Fred Heimbach initiated the foundation of upendo.



The articles of association describe the objectives of upend (only german).



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