The beginning of our work

When Dr Fred Heimbach heard about the work of ECLAT in northern Tanzania, he initiated the founding of upendo a good ten years ago based on his experience with development aid projects in southern Tanzania. He has been travelling to Tanzania regularly for around 30 years, focusing on traditional societies and their development opportunities. He has a large network of local civil society representatives and knows important decision-makers in the regions of northern Tanzania.

What we want

The purpose of the association is the idealistic and financial promotion of the development, support, and realisation of social projects in Africa, especially in Tanzania. This includes the

  • support for municipal development projects,
  • support for medical facilities such as hospitals or health centres, schools of all kinds, women’s projects, microcredits, kindergartens or agricultural projects with the aim of promoting community development.

This is to be achieved through the following measures:

  • Raising funds for the development, support, and implementation of measures to improve infrastructure in underserved areas of Africa, such as basic medical care and prevention or school measures of any kind;
  • Advisory involvement in the planning and implementation of social, medical, and educational projects in Africa;
  • Voluntary work by members of the association in existing or planned projects;
  • Support for existing medical care facilities and school facilities of all kinds;

Voluntary work by members to promote the training of local medical and other personnel.