In this newsletter, we would like to present some of ECLAT’s newer projects which, except for the first one, fall under the heading of “capacity building”. This includes ECLAT’s women’s empowerment work, but we have reported on this many times before.

Despite the Corona pandemic 2021 was once again a successful year for us.

In 2021, we were once again able to implement all our projects in Tanzania as planned, despite the Corona pandemic. And after 1½ years we have been able to travel to Tanzania again to visit the old and new projects and to discuss them in detail on site.

In this information letter we would like to introduce ECLAT’s and upendo`s education work with an up-to-date overview of our projects undertaken this year.

Dear members, supporters and friends of upendo, not only in Germany was the year 2020 marked by Corona – it also hit the people in Tanzania hard. It is all the more impressive that Dr. Fred Heimbach and his fellows have succeeded in completing numerous projects and moving others forward. I would like to highlight…

Dear members, supporters and friends of upendo, since 2017, I have been the patron of upendo`s dedicated work. I am always thrilled how lifelike the projects of Dr. Fred Heimbach and his colleagues support the people in Tanzania. I would like to highlight one project of the past year: The Vocational Training Centre in Simanjiro…

Dear members and supporters of upendo, as Dr. med. Fred Heimbach asked me if I could imagine becoming an upendo patron, I immediately pledged. Because I think the commitment of the association is unique and exemplary. Upendo shows very impressively that we can all make a difference when we do something. Carried by the idea…

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