Expansion of the primary school in Malambo

In 2018 the expansion of the primary school in Malambo could be implemented.

Renovation of the primary school in Luagala “A”

Several tasks were executed for the renovation of the Primary School in Luagala.

Renovation and extension of the primary school in Loswaki (first construction phase)

(Deutsch) Für die Renovierung und den Ausbau der Primarschule in Loswaki wurden diverse Arbeiten ausgeführt.

Secondary School | Expansion of the Secondary School in Emboreet

At the beginning of 2018, a severe storm caused damage to the roofs of some secondary school buildings. To avoid consequential damage caused by rain, the damage was repaired immediately.

Construction of the new “Acronis Primary School Loongung” (first construction phase)

In Loongung the new „Acronis Primary School Loongung‘“ was built.

Construction of the new satellite primary school in Loiborsoit

The construction of the new satellite primary school in Loiborsoit had some individual construction tasks.

Construction of the new primary school in Lengijape

In Lengijape a new primary school was built with the financial support of of Fly&Help.

Primary school | Renovation of the primary school in Kaangala

For the primary school in Kaangala several renovation tasks were executed.

Primary school | Renovation of dormitories, refectory and kitchen

The primary school in Emboreet is a boarding school for the far-off children: ECLAT has refurbished the dormitories and refectory here so that the children can be adequately accommodated.

Building of the natural science laboratories

Thanks to the support of the Welfare and Education Foundation, three natural science laboratories for biology, chemistry and physics have already been built this year.

PAULA water container for the production of clean drinking water in Sukuro

In 2016, upendo was able to install a water filtration system in Sukuro through a special donation with a PAULA container.

Support of women projects of ECLAT

The work of ECLAT to empower women in the Maasai community is of fundamental importance to the culture of this ethnic group.

Secondary school | Toilets with biogas fermenters to extract gas for cooking

In 2016, three toilet facilities were built on the campus: one for girls ‘dormitories, one for boys’ dormitories, and one for classrooms, cafeterias and science laboratories.

Secondary school | Audio- and Video for the multi-purpose hall

Also in Tanzania you will need a loudspeaker, a beamer and film projector for small and large events at a school.

Secondary school | Construction of the cafeteria as a multipurpose hall with kitchen

The graduation ceremony for the graduates of the secondary school in Emboreet took place on 20 October 2016 in the finished cafeteria, which will also serve as a multi-purpose hall in the coming years.

Secondary school | Solar system with batteries to power the school

To power the school, we had solar panels installed on the roof of the refectory in 2016.

Secondary school | Water tower and water connection of the buildings

The water tank built in 2014 stands on the ground, so that the water pressure is not sufficient to distribute the water on the school grounds and to pipe it into the buildings. In 2016, therefore, we had built an 8 m high steel skeleton as a water tower next to the floor tank.

Construction of a dormitory at the secondary school of Kilolo

In 2016, we were able to build a new dormitory there so that the boys now live on the school grounds and can no longer stay in the city so easily and skip class.

Promoting the idea of nature conservation in schools in the region

In the areas adjacent to the national parks, PAMS wants to educate its inhabitants about environmental and conservation issues, but above all about the purpose of the national parks and the protection of wild animals that do not know the park boundaries.

Primary school | Renovation of the classrooms

In a first renovation phase in 2016, we decided to rebuild these classrooms: cracks were plastered, walls reinforced, the leaky roof repaired, windows and doors repaired, the floors repaired, and so on.

Primary school | Construction of toilets

We decided to build new toilets for the primary school: one for the girls and one for the boys.

Vehicle for ECLAT

Without a vehicle of its own, ECLAT can no longer fulfill the tasks involved. In 2016, we bought a new off-road vehicle for ECLAT, a Toyota Landcruiser.

Secondary school | Construction of two boys dormitories

As part of the graduation ceremony for this year’s school leavers on November 13, 2015, the dormitories for boys built by ECLAT / upendo in 2015 were officially handed over to the government as the school’s operator.

Secondary school | Construction of a residential house for teachers

We have already started the construction of a double residential house for teachers at the beginning of 2015, so that at least some of the teachers are constantly present on the school grounds.

Fences with cloth soaked in chilli to protect fields from elephants

Along the borders of the national and animal parks of Tanzania, people live in confrontation with the aspects of animal and nature conservation.

Secondary school | Water tank with borehole

Thanks to the financial support of the Foundation for Care and Education, upendo was able to provide the financial means which were necessary to drill a borehole and to build a water tank to ECLAT.