The land is dry, the dry season lasts seven months and water is scarce. The next surface water is many kilometers away and polluted, the groundwater level is low. Thanks to financial support from the ECLAT Care and Education Foundation in 2014, upendo has been able to raise funds to drill a hole in the school grounds and build a water tank. Upendo has sent a groundwater pump and solar panels for this, so that the first fresh, clean groundwater could be tapped already in October 2014: enough for everyone, even if the school will be completed and attract many more pupils.
We thank the Welfare and Education Foundation for the financial support of this project.

Overview of the individual project steps:

  • June 7, 2014 Drilling the borehole, 102 m deep
  • Water capacity of the borehole: 3.2 m3/h
  • Water quality: the analysis results show a good water quality
  • Water tank (50 m3): customarily made of cement bricks on an approximately 1 m high stone base near the borehole in August / September 2014.
  • Shipping of the underwater pump with the necessary solar panels, frame and accessories in September 2014 from Germany to Tanzania
  • Installation and connection of the water pump and solar panels, connection to the water tank and preliminary commissioning: 11 – 15 October 2014
  • Official opening and handover to the government as operator of the school on 16 October 2014

We thank the Welfare and Education Foundation for the financial support of this project.

Fürsorge- und Bildungsstiftung


Fürsorge- und Bildungsstiftung grants funds to domestic and foreign organizations when projects and actions are in accordance with the Foundation goal. Thanks to Fürsorge- und Bildungsstiftung the water and school project of ECLAT Foundationen could be financed.
Secondary School Emboreet | Water tank with borehole

Saturday June 7th, 2014




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