Along the borders of the national and animal parks of Tanzania, people live in confrontation with the aspects of animal and nature conservation. Only if they are not threatened by the wild animals in their existence and benefit from the tourism of the parks, they are willing to contribute to the idea of nature conservation. The PAMS Foundation works in Tanzania in this conflict area between the parks and the neighboring population. Upendo has already been able to facilitate such projects of PAMS in several places in Tanzania on the edge of national parks. The participating farmers learned how to grow chili and how to use chilli pods to soak cloths and then hang them on leashes along their fields. During the harvest season, elephant herds from the nearby parks like to come to their villages to harvest the fields – and that means hunger for the people. But elephants do not like chili, they avoid the cloth soaked in chili and leave the fields behind it alone. Not a single field was haunted by elephants in our projects. And the farmers, who had previously shown themselves skeptical and had not participated in the project, now also want to learn this simple method.

Overview of the individual projects:

  • 2015: Fences with cloth soaked in chili to protect fields from elephants at the Ruaha National Park (tier3 solutions GmbH)
  • 2016: Fences with cloth soaked in chili to protect fields from elephants in Emboreet (tier3 solutions GmbH)
  • 2016: Fences with cloth soaked in chili to protect fields from elephants in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area (DER Touristik)

We thank DER Touristik and tier3 Solutions for the financial support of this project.



With approx 9,400 employees, 7.7 million guests and a global network of agencies, DER Touristik is present almost everywhere in the world. This global presence entails a responsibility towards the environment and people. With the initiative "DER Welt verpflichtet - DER Bildung ein Zuhause geben" DER Touristik is actively involved in environmental protection as well as in numerous social projects.
tier3 Solutions


Tier3 solutions GmbH performs ecological field studies under GLP standards, which are required for the registration of pesticides. With help of tier3 Solutions GmbH the project "Chili Pepper Fences" of the PAMS Foundation was realized.
Fences with cloth soaked in chilli to protect fields from elephants

Tuesday September 1st, 2015




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