In 2020 the further expansion of the secondary school in Emboreet could be implemented.

In 2019 the further expansion of the secondary school in Emboreet could be implemented.

At the beginning of 2018, a severe storm caused damage to the roofs of some secondary school buildings. To avoid consequential damage caused by rain, the damage was repaired immediately.

Thanks to the support of the Welfare and Education Foundation, three natural science laboratories for biology, chemistry and physics have already been built this year.

In 2016, three toilet facilities were built on the campus: one for girls ‘dormitories, one for boys’ dormitories, and one for classrooms, cafeterias and science laboratories.

Also in Tanzania you will need a loudspeaker, a beamer and film projector for small and large events at a school.

The graduation ceremony for the graduates of the secondary school in Emboreet took place on 20 October 2016 in the finished cafeteria, which will also serve as a multi-purpose hall in the coming years.

To power the school, we had solar panels installed on the roof of the refectory in 2016.

The water tank built in 2014 stands on the ground, so that the water pressure is not sufficient to distribute the water on the school grounds and to pipe it into the buildings. In 2016, therefore, we had built an 8 m high steel skeleton as a water tower next to the floor tank.

As part of the graduation ceremony for this year’s school leavers on November 13, 2015, the dormitories for boys built by ECLAT / upendo in 2015 were officially handed over to the government as the school’s operator.

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