Also in 2018, PAMS could introduce the educational project “Living in Harmony with Nature” in more schools.

Elephant Corridor at Ngorongoro Crater PAMS built a protective fence along the fields of a corridor at the Ngorongoro crater last year.

Several tasks were executed for the renovation of the Primary School in Luagala.

After minor technical problems in the initial phase of the water filtration plant, 2018 was characterized by consequential damage caused by a major storm in January 2018, which was repaired.

Thanks to the support of BMZ and DER Touristik, construction work on a center for crafts training center could begin in October 2018.

At the beginning of 2018, a severe storm caused damage to the roofs of some secondary school buildings. To avoid consequential damage caused by rain, the damage was repaired immediately.

In Loongung the new „Acronis Primary School Loongung‘“ was built.

The construction of the new satellite primary school in Loiborsoit had some individual construction tasks.

In Lengijape a new primary school was built with the financial support of of Fly&Help.

In 2018, upendo supported ECLAT’s women’s work through various measures.

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