Several tasks were executed for the renovation of the Primary School in Luagala.

At the beginning of 2018, a severe storm caused damage to the roofs of some secondary school buildings. To avoid consequential damage caused by rain, the damage was repaired immediately.

In Loongung the new „Acronis Primary School Loongung‘“ was built.

The construction of the new satellite primary school in Loiborsoit had some individual construction tasks.

In Lengijape a new primary school was built with the financial support of of Fly&Help.

For the primary school in Kaangala several renovation tasks were executed.

(Deutsch) Für die Renovierung und den Ausbau der Primarschule in Loswaki wurden diverse Arbeiten ausgeführt.

In 2018 the expansion of the primary school in Malambo could be implemented.

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